Links Building 101

"Use words people search for, put them in IMPORTANT places on the web pages and get the right links that show the search engines your pages are IMPORTANT!" Click here for sample images that show some Q & A information.

A lot can be said about links, where to get them, what works the best... Here at Xe we want to keep things simple like our websites and coding. There are many ways to do this and after much trial and error we have come up with a simple, cost effective plan for the best organic links that don't cost a TON of $$ and we will share this with our clients too.

Imagine how much we could help your business do more with the web. We love helping our clients do more on-line. We develop great websites that help businesses attract more website traffic. Links can be a HUGE asset to your web sites results, in search engines, social media, online directories etc..

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